What Is There to Say?



Today I shared on (on Facebook) a picture of Philando Castile’s body after it bled out

in a car.

I shared a video of Diamond Reynolds, his girlfriend, crying in front of the Governor’s house

as she listed the things the police took:


  1. Phone
  2. Control of her Facebook account
  3. Groceries
  4. Car


Last night I watched a video that Derk Brown streamed live from Ferguson,

in North County StL where I used to work,                    where people

had gathered in protest to support Baton Rouge. At the demonstration a woman

was beaten in front of her child.


Last night I shared a video of Alton Sterling’s


overcome with blaring grief as his mother tried to explain that his father mattered.


I’m not sure if it was directed to me,

but I read a friend’s post.


She wrote: “Please stop . . . I don’t need to see

his blood trapped in his own fabric.


She’s a beautiful, black woman.

It’s not something I wanted to share.

Who am I to decide?

But, I have friend’s that won’t look.


I hate that I might’ve upset her.


They will want to go to work. They will want to live their lives

as though their lives are theirs alone

and America could be a home.


To see is to bleed.


What’s to say — used to keep me quite. But I’m done with that now.


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